Digital price computing scale

Digital price computing scale



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Max weight : 40kg

Accuracy : Grade III

Skinning : the weight in the condition of skinning is maximal.

Over weight : it will alarm if it overweight 15% of the max weight

Comprehensive function : It has the function of skinning, accumulation, overloading alarm, direct and alternate current battery.If the battery’s power is not enough, it will alarm. And the inner electric motor can be measured automatically

Working power :alternate current 220V

Wastage :Direct current 4v/4Ah

Working condition : 5w

Sleeping condition : 1w

Environment : temperature : 10C – 40C

Humility 10% -80% RH without dew

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Weight 2.979 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 40.5 cm
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