Blender 7 in 1

Blender 7 in 1



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Powerful universal 7-in-1 blender with an expanded set of interchangeable attachments and combines the capabilities of several kitchen devices at once.

2 working bowls

The RHB-2957 set includes two bowls – small (500 ml) and large (2000 ml). The small bowl is convenient for handling small quantities of ingredients. For example, you can grind a bar of chocolate for sprinkling a cake in it or grind a few crackers for a crispy breading. A large bowl will come in handy to cook minced meat for several portions of cutlets, halva, hearty curd mass with nuts and prunes or homemade adjika, cut vegetables for pickling or salad.

2 operating modes

Making cream soup or baby formula? Begin mixing the ingredients in basic mode. In this mode, you can adjust the blender speed from 9000 to 15000 rpm using the dial. To give the finished dish a velvety consistency and chop up any small lumps of vegetables that have been left over, end the cooking with Turbo (1600 rpm).

Safe and comfortable work

The blender is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle that is shaped to fit your hand. The length of the power cord is 1 m, which is enough to maneuver the device during operation.

The overload and overheating control system protects the device from premature failure. In case of critical overheating or overvoltage, the blender will automatically shut down. After a few minutes, the appliance will cool down and can be used again.

Rated power : 800W
Maximum power : 1200W
Voltage : 220 – 240V
Body material : plastic
Immersion part material : metal
Power cod lenght : 1m
Beaker capacity : 600ml
Chopper bowl capacity : 500ml
Food processor bowl : 2000ml
Blending attachment
Whish attachment
Dicer attachment
Puree attachment
Dicer attachment
Shredder / grater attachment


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