Waist trimmer

Waist trimmer


YC 712 B

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Waist trimmer for lower back support and abdominal lift. Helps provide constant heat and moisture to lower back muscles.
YC Waist trimmer is made of highest grade closed neoprene, covered with strech nylon on both sides for your comfort. Neoprene is the ultimate material for comprssion and heat retention, which helps to capture your own body heat stimulated by exercise and icreases perspiration around your waistline.
In many cases, this helps to get rid of unwanted inches caused by excess water weight in this area.Also, your own body heat provides constant moisture for relaxing lower back muscles.
Super comfortable you can wear under clothing. Great for walking, running, aerobics and general sports activity.
Universal size with hook and loop closure.
Material : full 1/8″ thich neoprene with a double knit nylon exterior.

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