Popping pimples

Popping pimples



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Popping Pimples

Rules of the game:

– the youngest player starts the game,

– turn the knob to determine from which part of the face you should “get rid of” the pimple,

– if there is no pimple on this part of the face, turn it again choose another,

– when pulling a pimple you can use one hand, the other you lean on the base,

– on each pimple is the number of points you get if you manage to remove it (1,2,3),

– if you manage to remove the pimple, keep it to yourself and the game continues to the player on your left,

– if when you remove the pimple, the pimple explodes (water from the nose), you lose all points (you need to put the pimples in your face again),

– the first one to score 9 points wins,

– remember to refill the syringe after each “explosion”.

Package size : 27x8x27cm

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